Edward Zuma calls on Zondo to recuse himself from state capture commission

Written on 09/28/2020
Bernice Maune

Edward Zuma, who seldom shies away from tackling his father's critics, harsh words for the head of the state capture commission.

Popular for voicing his controversial opinions and attacking his father’s critics, former president Jacob Zuma’s son Edward has come out guns blazing on the ongoing state capture commission. Chaired by Judge Raymond Zondo, the inquiry has been a thorn in the flesh for the senior Zuma who has appeared five times and has told Zondo that he wasn’t available to appear again. While Zondo has said he would not negotiate dates with the former statesman, Zuma’s supporters including his foundation have released statements, accusing Zondo of bias and a sinister agenda. The junior Zuma, however, took it one step further and called for Zondo to recuse himself from the commission. – Bernice Maune  

By Bernice Maune  

“The best Zondo can do now is to recuse himself as he has clearly shown there are politicians like Jamnandas (referring to Gordhan) that he is afraid of or protects. The integrity of the state capture commission is now compromised in a big way. Zondo has played into the hands of politicians who hate former president Jacob Zuma.”

These are the words of Edward Zuma, who issued a statement over the weekend slamming Zondo who has been the chair of the state capture enquiry for the past two years. His comments come after Zondo chastised the ex-president for wanting to appear at a time convenient to him.

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Zuma cited a personal bias and a lack of fairness in how Zondo had dealt with his father.

“His anger with the former president should not suppress his judicial judgment as we know that the anger is also exacerbated by his common relationship with the former president through a particular child the DCJ fathers.”

“Such was totally uncalled for. Can South Africans for one moment just think and ask, ‘Was this really necessary?’

“Citizens, the Zondo theatrics are not about Cde JZ, they are about Zondo and his self-preservation strategy,” said Zuma.

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He went on to state Zondo was not above the law, adding he should be consistent in how he deals with all witnesses.

The Jacob Zuma foundation released a similar statement, questioning Zondo for not summoning Public Enterprise Minister Pravin Gordhan.

“The Chairperson lacks this courage when faced with the pen defiance by certain people, who have refused to appear before the commission. He has not called a press conference to respond to Minister Pravin Jamnandas Gordhan when he failed even to file an affidavit to explain his non-appearance. This inconsistency and fear of the powerful is not expected from the man who occupies the second-highest office in the judiciary,” read the statement.

Zuma’s foundation slams… by Erin Marisa Bates

“We respect the judiciary but remind the chairperson that he is not above the law himself and that he must be consistent in how he deals with witnesses and implicated persons. No witness, even the most arrogant and the most petulant, have inspired the chairperson to call a media briefing merely to castigate them,” the foundation said.

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