Alternative investments report

Written on 11/09/2022
Editor BizNews

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In 2004, alternative investments accounted for only 6% of the global investible market. By the beginning of 2019, the size of the global market had doubled, while alternative investments had almost tripled!

The CAIA Association estimates the size of the traditional global asset market at $102.6 trillion, while alternative investments have grown to $13.4 trillion. Alternative assets make up 12% of the global investible market, making them an attractive alternative to traditional investments.

With the increased demand for alternative investments in South Africa, Jaltech is undertaking its annual alternative investments survey in order to release its annual alternative investments report.

By participating in the survey you will receive a free copy of the alternative investments report and stand the chance of winning one of ten Takealot vouchers.

You can participate in the short, 10-question survey by clicking here.