Understanding Confluence – Going Beyond the River

Written on 04/22/2017
Stuart Lowman

By Stuart Lowman

Confluence, the book behind the inspiration for the movie Beyond the River, a premier which I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend this week.

Grant Swanby (Steve) and Lemogang Tsipa (Duma) training for the Dusi on Emmarentia dam in the movie Beyond the River.

Inspired by a true story, the premise is the coming together of both black and white lead male characters in their quest to win gold on and beyond the river, and how together this force becomes stronger. (Confluence – where rivers meet, each taking on the strength of the other as they head towards the sea).

But this partnership doesn’t come without its challenges, and in order to overcome this, understanding each other’s background and breaking down stereotypes are some of the vital ingredients.

Leaving the cinema, the chatter among the audience was positive which is much needed amidst the current mix of negative news cloaking SA’s leadership. Thank you NGO Heartlines, for making this story happen which I personally felt uplifted by, I am no Barry Ronge, but this felt like the right movie for these times so I recommend you go and check it out.