Anthony Ginsberg: Tech Wreck drove prices too low – smart money buying, big rebound in 2023

Posted on 11/16/2022

California-based founder of ETF provider Ginsglobal, Anthony Ginsberg, makes some powerful points in this interview on the Tech Wreck and what lies ahead for Wall Street’s fallen angels. Ginsberg, a South African now in Los Angeles, says smart American money is picking up shares in downtrodden tech companies, especially those with high exposure to exponentially growing sectors like the Cloud (think Amazon, Apple, Alphabet) and Cyber Security (think Cloudflare). He shares insights with Alec Hogg of BizNews on the US market’s positive reaction to last week’s inflation surprise; explains why Wall Street is happy about the Mid Term election results; and now that Donald Trump’s bolt is shot, the prospect of a Ron de Santis-led, business-friendly US government in 2024.

Please see timestamped topics below

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Tech stocks and the inflation print
02:19 Inflation at 7.7
04:29 Decade lows
06:39 PE ratios and fast growing companies
09:59 Cloud computing
11:50 Cheap share prices of tech companies
13:45 What does equally weighted mean
15:07 Midterms in the US and what it means for markets
17:09 Republicans and business friendly government
19:35 Rebound for tech stocks
20:15 End