Why SA needs an Integrity Commission – Paul Hoffman

Posted on 07/22/2021

Paul Hoffman SC is with Accountability Now, an organisation which describes itself as being “devoted to ensuring the rule of law is upheld and enforced for the good of all by ensuring that governments, parastatals and the private sector are held to account.” The organisation has created a Chapter 9 institution. Hoffman explains what exactly a Chapter 9 institution is. “Traditionally, the way government’s are organised is like a three-legged pot. Legislature, executive and the judiciary. In SA, when we converted from parliamentary sovereignty to the constitutional democracy under the rule of law – that is currently in place, the founders thought that it would be proper to create a fourth leg on the pot which is the leg created by Chapter 9 of The Constitution. Chapter 9 is a reference to the chapter under which, at the moment, there are six institutions that, essentially, exist to bed down democracy.” – Jarryd Neves