Missing bullets, value focus lifts in-form Ranmore into top 1% of global fund managers

Posted on 11/15/2022

London-based South African money manager Sean Peche is flying right now, with a value-based approach elevating his Ranmore Funds into the top one percentile according to performance monitoring company Morningside. Peche has shared some of the love with the BizNews tribe – recommending two stocks that shot the lights out since being included in our model portfolios. In-form Peche explains to BizNews’s Alec Hogg how his process of seeking value and ignoring fashion helped him dodge performance-killing bullets – and a warning that the next shoe to drop could be a downrating of shares in top-quality multinational companies.

00:00 – Introduction
02:08 – Ranmore Fund’s performance
04:07 – Does a stock’s move from a ‘growth stock’ to a ‘value stock’ last?
06:39 – Giving your money to a wealth manager vs doing it yourself
07:41 – Ninety One’s results
09:43 – Stopping growth to avoid hindering performance
11:20 – Associated British Foods
12:09 – Analysis of European stocks
13:21 – John Biccard’s ‘Lucky Sevens’
14:16 – European stocks and banks which stand out to Sean
15:34 – Developments in the crypto market
17:21 – Whether or not there might be another stock market drop