Gupta arrests - 'I had a smile on my face'

Posted on 06/08/2022

Fugitives from justice in South Africa, Atul and Rajesh Gupta, are in custody following their recent arrest in Dubai after Interpol issued a Red Notice. Veteran journalist Rajesh Sundaram has extensive real-life experience with the infamous Gupta family. He was flown to South Africa to launch the Gupta's television station - ANN7 - in 2013. After months of being worked to the bone in the creation of what he told the State Capture Inquiry was essentially a "mafia and propaganda station", his health tanked and he wanted out. Threatened by the Gupta's armed bodyguards, he eventually fled South Africa in late 2013. BizNews editor Michael Appel caught up with Sundaram to ask about the emotions the Guptas' arrests evoked in him, and for greater insight into how the controversial billionaire family is regarded in their home country of India.