"The President has really abdicated his responsibility" - ActionSA's Herman Mashaba

Posted on 07/15/2021

ActionSA has announced that it will be seeking a lawsuit against the ANC, President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Police Minister, following looting and violent rioting that has gripped KZN and Gauteng over the past week. Party founder Herman Mashaba said that Ramaphosa, Cele and other government ministers have a legal duty to maintain law and order in South Africa. “In so doing, they ensure the protection of our constitutional order and the rights of every South African.” Mashaba also said that the country now finds itself in this state because government failed to act swiftly, “wilfully failing” to coordinate law enforcement at an early stage. The party founder has invited South Africans who have been impacted by the looting and civil unrest to join the lawsuit against “the ineffectual and incompetent Ramaphosa and his government.” Mashaba speaks to BizNews about the class action lawsuit that ActionSA plans on pursuing.